Kroger Community Rewards

Instructions to register your Kroger Plus Card

  • Simply register online at Kroger Community Rewards.
  • Either SIGN IN if you currently have an online account or CREATE AN ACCOUNT if you have not already done so. Have your Kroger Plus Card handy and register your card with Ohio Valley Voices, NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION # 80538. If you do not yet have a Kroger Plus Card, they are available at the Kroger Customer Service Desk.
  • Under Community Rewards, enter NPO # 80538 Ohio Valley Voices. Select from the list and click on CONFIRM. You will see Ohio Valley Voices name on your page.
  • You must swipe your registered Kroger Plus Card or use the phone number that is registered to your Kroger Plus Card when shopping for each purchase to count toward Ohio Valley Voices. If you normally use your phone number at the register, call 1-800-576-4377 and select the options needed to get your Kroger Plus Card number.
    purchases will not count for Ohio Valley Voices
    until you register your Kroger Plus Card online.

    Thanks For Your Support!